Where is my 'etree'?

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Oh man, who was also freaking addicted to the lovely tiny daily 'click-game'-Adventure, to grow some nice trees?


Could you bring it back?? pls?

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E-Tree is available on MSN Weather website:

You will find it on the left side of the page and you need to click/tap on it. Your progress is saved and you can continue it on there.

FAQ about E-Tree program:

Hope that helps :)
But there used to be both...
Yes Microsoft, please bring this option back. I enjoyed participating in both the sidebar Eco Tree and the weather page etree. It makes it feel as if you are helping plant trees twice as much.
I think the progress syncs though

@l33ter Hello brother, do you know how can I see my tree in real life (image or video)? I have achieved my goal of completing level 10 of the edge tree, I got a certificate too but I want to see that tree.

If you know something about it, please tell

Of course you can, in Microsoft Start, at the bottom of the window where you do your daily tasks, you have your certificates and your world ranking, then you have "site" (in French) and there you will see the photos of April 2022 to October 2022 of all plantations. also when you go to "maps" you can at the end select E-trees and you will have a satellite view. compare it with google maps which offers more resent maps and you can zoom in more. @Suyash_Sahu73 

hahah :D - sorry there we have to trust microsoft blindly!
I have a total of 14 trees :D - But since MS pushed level10 up to 25k Water... it's a freaking long journey!
LOL - i will look into your description!