Where does Microsoft stores my saved passwords from edge?

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1. Where passwords are stored?

2. Are they encrypted? If yes, then which encryption?

3. If user lost the account (which was used in edge to sync passwords), How can he recover the saved passwords?

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I am convinced there are bugs in the password protection and they need to be repaired.  It is getting serious when you enter the correct password it does not work causing the correct password from being accepted.

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@hussain5416 Thanks for reaching out. The short answer: that data is stored in a secure server. And for recovering passwords, you can manually export them.


The long answer: you can find all of our Privacy information in our Whitepaper, and here's the section related to passwords. Here's an additional excerpt from it,


"All synced data is encrypted in transit over HTTPS when transferred between the browser and Microsoft servers. The synced data is also stored in an encrypted state in Microsoft servers. Sensitive data types such as addresses and passwords are further encrypted on the device before being synced. If you are using a work or school account, all data types are further encrypted before being synced using Microsoft Information Protection. All other synced data types are stored until you delete the data, the account is deleted, or the account becomes inactive. An account ID is attached to all synced data, as the ID is necessary to perform sync across multiple devices."


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@jackrobertwilson We take any privacy concerns very seriously, so if you suspect there is an issue with your passwords, we'd like to know about it! Can you tell us more about the behavior that you're seeing? And if you haven't already, please submit feedback and diagnostic data through the browser (Shift+Alt+I on a PC.) 


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge