Where did the Wonder Woman 1984 theme go


There used to be a Wonder Woman 1984 theme for Microsoft Edge in Addons store, but no more.



Where did it go? it was the first available theme for Edge browser, i really liked it, it had nice colors that I like and compatible with vertical tabs.



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Same doubt:worried_face:
I've tried many themes, but the Wonder Women 1984 theme is still the favorite.
Hope it back:folded_hands:
I wish someone from Edge team would at least tell us something about this, don't keep us hanging
Hi And I would like to be able to choose and have as many options = everyone has individual requirements and it is worth remembering!
Not sure what you mean.
Theme in Edge which was already and worked well should be saved and I should choose not necessarily all the time a new version . I have my habits and I hate changes that I do not want = about it I wrote!
Yet such a curiosity I received for the first time e-mail with such signs only from your post! what do you think!
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Chinese alphabet, that's what it is.
I'm curious why this is the address only your topic? Is your ESL = OK?


Hello. Look in C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Edge Dev \ User Data \ Default \ Extensions \ gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf \ 1.0.2_0. If you do not have the folder (there are several) gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf \ 1.0.2_0 it means that you do not have the Wonder Woman 1984 theme installed. To have it again (I do have it installed and saved) I leave you a link where the theme folder is. You have to install it where I have indicated previously. Nothing will happen at first. You have to go to install Microsoft Edge again, to "Extensions" (through the ellipsis menu), activate the developer mode and use "Load unpacked". Then navigate to the folder that you have downloaded. And viola, the theme will be loaded. Link of the folder that you must copy to C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Edge Dev \ User Data \ Default \ Extensions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpkwjb0r3ysk0xo/gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf.zip?dl=0 Unzip the zip and save the card (gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf) in the indicated place.

Buscad en C:\Users\nombredeusuario\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default\Extensions\gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf\1.0.2_0.
Si no tenéis la carpeta (hay varias) gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf\1.0.2_0 significa que no tenéis instalado el tema Wonder Woman 1984. Para volverlo a tener (yo sí lo tengo instalado y guardado) os dejo un link donde está la carpeta del tema. Tenéis que instalarla donde lo he indicado anteriormente. Al principio no ocurrirá nada. Tenéis que ir para instalarlo de nuevo Microsoft Edge, a "Extensiones" (a través del menú de puntos suspensivos), activad el modo de desarrollador y usad "Cargar desempaquetado". Luego navegad hasta la carpeta que os habéis descargado. Y viola, el tema estará cargado. Link de la carpeta que debeis copiar en C:\Users\nombredeusuario\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Dev\User Data\Default\Extensions:
Descomprimir el zip y guardar la carteta( gialgoiafhiabneafjiimeihdifjbbkf)en el lugar indicado.