Where did the Quick Launch buttons go in Launcher 6.0?


There used to be a row of configurable Quick Launch actions that would appear below the Dock. That is where I kept icons to launch things like the Flashlight, because that Quick Launch is A) Larger than than the Dock icons and B) Available on EVERY page.

It's gone. No trace of it. Not moved to a new folder, there is not an option to re-enable it.

Also, there used to be a gesture on the Dock to swipe up while it was open to go to the Hidden Apps. That is gone, too.

Shouldn't these things be in the Release Notes? Shouldn't there be a warning before you just obliterate a configuration I expected to keep?

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@Alan McBee You can go to Launcher Settings > Dock and on Bottom row of dock select 3.  The 3rd row is empty, so you should be able to add it back there. I haven't been able to figure out how to add Flashlight back. I don't even remember what all used to be in that row.


P.S. I found this information on the web.



@Steve Abraham Thanks, that's a little helpful.


There are three things that I definitely miss.


1. Flashlight.


2. Sound.


This used to be easy and nice:

 - One swipe up to show the Dock

 - One tap on the Sound icon

... and then the sound is either muted instantly, or restored instantly, and it works quietly either way (no beep or buzzing).


Now, it's not as nice:

 - One swipe down from the top edge to show Notifications and the Quick Panel. Hopefully, my Sound button is one of the first few buttons, or else I have to swipe down again to show the rest of the Quick Panel.

 - Shall I make a noise while putting the phone on mute? Typically, I don't want to because I'm already in a place where making noises is disruptive. But if I'm okay with a vibration, then I tap the Sound icon twice: once to put on Vibrate mode, again to actually Mute it. And, again to restore Sound with an audible Beep.

 - If I really need to go to Mute and do it quietly, I press and hold the Sound button. This takes me to the Sounds and vibration settings, where I can go straight to Mute and also choose to make it a Temporary mute. Or, restore the sound with an audible Beep to confirm (there is no way to restore sound without making a noise of some kind unless you carefully turn down the volume without activating the Vibrate mode).


3. Rotation lock


I'm really annoyed by this. I'm not sure whether Samsung or Android did this, or could it be something from Launcher (Arrow)..., but auto-rotation is not a good experience now.


Old way:

 - Rotate the phone by turning your wrist.

    - If the lock is engaged, the screen does not rotate.

    - If the lock is off, the screen will rotate if the app will support it.

Either way, this takes one hand, and no extra gestures or effort.


Need to turn the lock on or off? Easy:

 - Swipe up to show the Dock

 - Tap the Rotation Lock button to toggle it.

That is also something you can do with your thumb of the hand holding your phone.


New way:

 - Rotate the phone.

 - The screen does not rotate.

 - If the app can support screen rotation, then a new very tiny button appears in the lower right corner of your screen. Does it switch for left-handers? I don't know.

 - HURRY!! You have only a few seconds to act before the button fades away.

 - Tap the button, usually with your other hand, because the way you hold a phone when you are about to rotate it almost never puts your thumb in the location where it's easy to tap that tiny, itty-bitty button.

 - The screen will rotate now.


There are NO options in the Android Settings to turn this on or off. It's just the way rotation works now. Get used to it.


I do not see how that improves anything. I also don't see why the Rotation Lock feature had to be removed! Why not just add this just-in-time rotation thingy and keep the old way?

@Alan McBee 

i agree with you on the new dock design , one of the reasons i got this launcher was the helpful system dock there ad now its gone , i also searched  a lot but didnt find anything useful related to this matter. please update if you find anything new.

The only workaround I found that's semi-satisfying is to select "Gestures" in the launcher settings, select "Swipe Up" and choose "Expand Quick Settings". Then you can swipe up from the center of your screen (NOT from the dock) to bring up the same quick settings as when you drag down from the top, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, etc. I agree it's not as good as having that single row at the bottom like before, but at least it gives you the option to quickly turn on your flashlight with the same upward swipe and by clicking one button....so no extra steps.
Check my reply below...may help

@CncPhilly That's a good idea. I used the two-finger swipe up, because I use the one-finger swipe-up gesture to show the dock. The two-finger swipe up to show Quick Settings is better than just swiping down, because otherwise it would take two gestures to get at the Quick Settings. Thanks!

I did figure out the Auto-Rotate thing, BTW. On my Samsung, the Quick Settings is called "Auto Rotate" only when the feature is enabled. If it is disabled, then it is called "Portrait" and for some reason that name took a long time in my head before I realized that "Portrait" really means "Click me to turn on Auto-Rotate."

I still miss the Quick Launch buttons. But I'll live. I'm mostly upset that the feature was removed without any kind of warning or acknowledgement. It wouldn't have been that hard to add it to a Release Notes page.

Cool. I keep the dock as Always Shown, so I don't have to swipe up to get to it. Then I only need to use the one-finger swipe up for the quick settings. But everyone has their own preference. Enjoy!
It's really disappointing that easy features like this, just got removed.

This was one of the biggest reason, when I decided to use Microsoft Launcher aka Arrow 3 years ago. Please implement the feature again because it makes the Smartphone one-hand useable in stressed situations.

Best regards

@Alan McBee 


i used to have my flashlight set to a gesture shortcut and it would activate by double tapping an empty area on my home screen. im going crazy trying to figure out what happened to it. that is what led me here.


i have a couple tips for you as it seems you might not be aware of them.


you mentioned hoping the correct button was in the first few of your quick buttons menu when you drag your notification bar down.


if you drag it down and then drag it down again, a 3 vertical dot menu button will appear in the upper right next to the settings gear, if you touch it, you can edit which buttons appear in which order in your quick button list and drag to move other buttons into the quick position if theyre not where you want them.


the screen rotate lock button is also in there, you can move it into the quick position so you will no longer have to fight the clock with that stupid little corner icon they have now.


theres a sensor mute button which will kill your speakers silently. alternatively, you could hold your volume down side button if you have one for the same effect. conversely, you can also enable sound without making any noise by using your volume up key or disabling the sensor mute button (depending on the method you chose to mute it)


remember you can move any buttons you want from the huge list to the 6 quick positions.


i definitely understand your frustration and i hope this helps you if you still havent figured out the answers to your problems.


unfortunately, im unable to suggest a remedy for the flashlight as its currently proving to be the bane of my existence aswell.


i hope this helps!!


take care.