Where can I find my reading list?




I did try the beta a couple of months ago and since the new Windows update is imminent, I did give the Stable release a try. It looks like it's the one we will get next week, but I just didn't have any prompts about importing my old favorites and reading list. I'm not sure what to do now.

I have some favorites I imported in the beta version, but not sure if they are updated to the one I had earlier today.

Also I read somewhere that your reading list should be converted into a favorite list, but I found nothing.


I also don't have collection or sneak peak of tabs.


Thank you

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1. collections are not available in Beta/Stable channel (version 79). it's only available in Dev and Canary channels (version 81)

2. Reading list, Set Aside tabs and Tab previews features are not available in the new Edge insider browser, they might be implemented some time later.

This is the list of features:

3. your reading lists, tabs set aside from the old Edge, if they very successfully imported, would be located in here: edge://favorites/

if they weren't successfully imported, you can try uninstalling your Edge insider channels
after that download the Beta again and it should import your reading lists and set tabs aside from the old Edge automatically.
Thank you.

I’m doing a system restore right now to get the old edge back.

After that I will reinstall the beta version to see if I can import back my things correctly.

After that I will delete it and download the stable version again. Stable is version 79.something and remove the old Edge.
Oh you must have installed that leaked stable version, because it's only the side effect of that which prevents you from being able to normally uninstall it.

next time you wanna try the stable version, use this one. it's offline installer, auto updates and can be uninstalled normally :)

Look like my system restore didn’t remove Edge Chromium... I downloaded the stable version from Google.

I only uninstalled Edge Chromium and Old Edge is back. Look like I will wait 5 more days before getting the new Edge.
That sounds like a good idea :)

Now that Edge is finally out, I installed it and my reading list is not showing. I did try the beta version the other day and it was showing and everything was imported correctly.

What's wrong with this release version? It's worst than the beta version.


Thank you

I decided to export my favorites and my reading list from old Edge.
I can import my favorites no problem, but my reading list is not importing. It's only show "we communicate your data".
I also have no option to import from Microsoft Edge. My tabs set aside are not showing in my favorites.


EDIT: Is there a way to delete all Edge Chromium files without removing old Edge files? Maybe a corruption between beta and stable files.


Reading list come in forms of favorites and will all be put inside a folder called reading list, you should be able to find it here edge://favorites/
I know, but they are not there.



well now i just installed Edge stable on my computer from here


and here are the info about reading list






I don't have that option.

Well that's many saved reading lists did you have in your legacy Edge?

@HotCakeXmaybe a hundred lol. I forgot to delete some and this tab is so buggy that I never took the time to do that.


Look like I will stick to old Edge until they fix that. Very annoying. I don't have any prompt to transfer favorites and other data when installing Edge Chromium.

Ok I think it's because I had the beta version previously, but I wasn't able to get the prompt when installing Edge Chromium the first time to import favorites and everything else in the new Edge. What I did is that I convert all my reading list in HTML file export and my tabs set aside into favorites from the old Edge and I did a manual import into the new Edge.
Manual import is good too, do you still have those files?



Hi @HotCakeX , remember that folder I had on my favorites bar called "Other favorites" that I could figure out where it came from......  Well I know now.. it is from the old edge classic that just got replaced on the 15th and is all my Favorites from it...  Which has my reading list and set aside tabs..


Annotation 2020-01-17 132944.jpg


Strange though that it would show up in a new install of Canary... notice "yellow folders"



Yeah i know, there is an other favorites folder in here edge://favorites/
that can't be removed. i sent feedback and they said they are working on it
Yep, that is the one showing on my favorites bar..... can't drag it or right click it remove it, nothing... Same one I posted about before....



Sorry to bump in. When I have Show favourites bar enabled, the Other favourites folder is shown. Clicking on that, when I scroll to "Reading list saves", my former set aside for later reads, as well as web notes, are all still there. Very clunky tho trying to do it from the three dots > favourites etc (which scrolls unendingly).

Why do they keep screwing with stuff?

Why do I now have grouped tabs?