When will Edge canary for ARM be updated?


Edge canary for ARM is stuck at "Version 80.0.344.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)".  For x64, it is 80.0.354.0.

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@rshupak - I am at 355 now, but it has the sync bug where favorites don't get replicated. Really hope they get us a new build soon.

@tboggs It updated on Friday after I posted and updated again today or over the weekend.  It is behind x64 but better.


As for favorites sync, it appears to be turned off system wide.  I do not see syncing between canary on two x64 machines or between canary and dev or beta on the same machine.  I don't see any syncing.  Edge mobile on both Android and iOS still have my favorites from 11/25 though I have made several changes on my PC since that time.