When we can enjoy the dark theme also the tab settings and favorites?

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Just as a question, When we can enjoy the dark theme also the tab settings and favorites?


Thanks for all.

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@Ismael Martinez  The dark theme (dark mode) is available now in the current Dev channel build (Version (Official build) dev (64-bit)).  I don't know this for a fact, but I assume that the dark theme is also available in current Canary builds.


By default, Edge Chromium follows the mode used in Windows 10.  If Windows 10 is set to light mode, then Edge Chromium is set to light mode.  If Windows 10 is set to dark mode, then Edge Chromium is set to dark mode.


I have Windows 10 set to dark mode (Settings, Personalization, Colors), and Edge Chromium (Dev follows that setting, using dark mode by default.  This is what Edge Chromium in dark mode looks like on my screen:




I hope that I understood your question, and that this helps.

Hello @tomscharbach, Thank you for your answer. I mean exactly these two sections of Edge that don't enjoy the dark theme.


  • Settings:
  • Anotación 2019-05-25 151902.jpgFavorites:

Anotación 2019-05-25 151949.jpgThanks.

@Ismael Martinez   Thanks for responding, Ismael.  I misunderstood your question.  I agree with you.  It would be good to have dark mode consistent throughout Edge Chromium.

Thanks to you for collaborating and showing interest. Best regards.
Hello everyone, the dark theme is totally now available in The Dev and canary versions.

Thank you to the whole team and everyone who supported the idea. :):thumbs_up:
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