When no subtitles or mousing over in Netflix, this happens (both Dev and Beta)

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I've figured the issue when I'm having trouble with Netflix on Edge dev. 

When content from Netflix is playing, and there's no subtitles, there comes a black layer over 90% of the search/favorites. 


Active extentions:

Lastpass (Edge store)

Ublock (Edge store)

SponsorBlock (Chrome store)

Windscribe (Chrome store)


Active flags:

Smooth Scrolling

Simplify HTTPS indicator UI

Enable 'Prefer:Safe' header

Microsoft Edge Reading View

Microsoft Edge Reading View Text Preference


The area inside the red box is the black layer 


Also, in full-screen, I'm experiencing another problem (probably related). Framedrops/frame skips often. 


Newest update still having issues.

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do you have the same problems in a fresh environment? (i.e without any custom flags, extensions etc) ?

@HotCakeX Yeah, that's what I tried with Beta. 

Sorry for not clarifying

It's alright,
The Beta it too old for now. Devs said they fix very small bugs in Beta but to see a real change, you have to wait for the next major release for that channel which is every 6 weeks.
I'd recommend using Canary instead. been using it for months, the most stable one so far. Netflix and all of its features work fine there.

@HotCakeX The issue is still persistent on Canary.

Video of the issue (playing the first 30 seconds of the first episode of "The I-Land" using Edge Canary and Game Bar).

Yes unfortunately other users reported the same problem with Netflix, hope developers fix it

@HotCakeX Alright! 


I've sent a feedback to the devs with diagnostic data recording and the video. I'm happy that I'm not the only one experiencing the issue.