when i click download menu,browser crash every time, Help!

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i download a file but browser report a error and crash , after that  i can't use download when i click the download menu,browser crash every time,


My Edge Version is  104.0.1293.63 (64 bit) not a beta version

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Does it happen only for this file?
Does it happen for all .apk extensions?

no when i download from LAN ota server, the file i download will report error then the browser  crash,but when is download from WAN it run normaly, i guess when i download from LAN,download speed will be very fast at least  50M/S,this condition will cause crash @Reza_Ameri 

There is new update available for the Microsoft Edge, try update Microsoft Edge and see if the problem persists?
If yes, then Alt+Shift+I and report this issue.