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Note: This is no longer the most recent top feedback summary. You can always find the latest at https://aka.ms/MSEdgeTopFeedback.


Hello insiders, we’re listening!


Over these past months we have been busy reading all the great feedback you've been sending us through the "Send feedback" smiley, here on the insider forum, and to our @MSEdgeDev Twitter handle. As we go through the feedback, common themes, popular suggestions, and bugs with broad impact emerge. We've been highlighting this "top feedback" within the team, and we'd like to share it with you as well. Starting with this post, we will regularly summarize the most significant feedback we are hearing from you and give you an update on the status of each item. We'll also highlight some of the changes we've made that were inspired or prioritized because of your feedback. Check out the list below, and of course use this forum thread to share your thoughts and discuss.


Your feedback has directly led to many improvements. Here are just some of the most notable, now available in the Canary channel:

  • Dark theme is here!  The most common request over the last several months is to add a dark theme to Edge – check it out in Settings under Appearance today!
  • Need help translating? Bing Translate is now built into Microsoft Edge – look for the prompt offering a translation the next time you encounter a page that isn't in your language
  • Do you want more control over the data your browser keeps?  Check out the privacy controls in Settings under Privacy and services, including the option to Choose what to clear every time you close the browser.
  • Don’t want to see the favorites bar all the time? There is now an option in Settings under Appearance that allows you to show it only when you open a new tab.
  • Are you annoyed by all the ads competing for your attention while you're trying to focus?  Try Reading View for a distraction-free reading experience – look for the book icon in your address bar.
  • Want to sign-in and sync to AAD accounts just like your Microsoft account?  Sign-in and sync of AAD accounts is now available.


Here are some top feedback topics we plan to address in the coming months. (Of course, plans can change. We'll make sure to let you know if timing or direction shift on any of these.)


Planned to be addressed in the Canary channel in September 2019:

  • An option to prevent auto-play of video and audio when you open a website
  • A round of improvements to scrolling experience, with more (including performance) to come down the line
  • The addition of a favorites button to the toolbar, to provide quicker access to favorites


Planned to be addressed in the Canary channel in October 2019:

  • Inking on PDFs
  • When you sign-in to the browser, your sign-in profile picture will accurately be kept up to date.
  • When you have more than one profile, better handling for opening links and attachments in the appropriate profile.
  • An option to set your own photos as the background image on the New Tab Page
  • Enable search in the extensions store
  • A bug fix for users who receive an “Administrator Mode Detected” notification (advising them to close and relaunch the browser in non-administrator mode) each time they launch Edge
  • ClickOnce deployment of Windows applications from web pages


The team is reviewing the following feature requests and we'll be sure to let you know if they're getting ready to show up in one of our channels:

  • Feature requests for the New Tab Page, including the capability to turn off the news feed, to hide the Bing search bar, to change the search provider, to rename tiles, and to support Dark Theme
  • Bring back features from the current version of Microsoft Edge such as tab set aside, tab preview, "Ask Cortana", and the reading list
  • Make it easier to share web content with other users and apps
  • Provide an option to set a custom home page
  • Update the user interface with the Fluent Design System, including less rounded tabs
  • Support themes from the Chrome Web Store
  • Allow sign-in to the browser with a Google account
  • Provide different options for sorting favorites
  • Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files


Finally, there are a few areas where you've told us our quality needs to improve. We are investigating these areas and will fix specific bugs when they are identified:

  • Edge should use less memory and CPU than it does
  • Scrolling should feel smoother, both for web pages and PDFs
  • Update does not always work reliably
  • Drop-down menus in some web pages are not working


You can help in these areas by keeping the bug reports coming. Whether you have a major issue or a minor glitch, if you see something, click the "Send feedback" smiley and tell us briefly what happened. Every report helps!


Thank you all for being insiders. Your feedback motivates and inspires us, and we genuinely appreciate it. We look forward to sharing these updates on a regular basis to show how you're helping to set the direction of the next version of Microsoft Edge.


-David Rubino

Microsoft Edge Team

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This post of yours made me think that you really noticed my feed-backs. Let's see if they get implemented. Otherwise, I was thinking, team opens the mailbox and ta-da! countless mails falling down.
The number one thing I'm waiting for is an option to use "MRU Tab-switching with Ctrl-Tab" … mirroring the functionality of Alt-Tab in windows, and working just like other tabbed user interfaces... from Visual Studio, to SSMS, to Notepad++, to the old IE, and even Firefox.

It's criminal that Edge won't/doesn't have this feature, and lack of this feature is the number one reason I don't use Chrome. Please add it, ASAP. I have decades of muscle memory that are thwarted every time I hit Ctrl-Tab and don't see the expected page.

@David Rubino Dear Dave, this is NOT ready for prime time in the enterprise until we have "pin to start menu" back.  I run a development team and as developers we have somewhere between 10 to 20 windows open regularly.  Our taskbar is hence a nightmare to navigate through already.  And no... "pin to taskbar" is NOT a workaround.  Some folks, especially highly productive folks, like to keep their taskbar as clean as possible.  Less clutter leads to less confusion leads to more productivity. 


Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT (is that enough NOTs for you) bring Edgium to production without "pin to start menu".  Otherwise I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER (is that enough NEVERs for you) recommend Edgium in our workplace.  


The feature you want is already here.

go to any website, press the top-right menu button, navigate to Apps and select "install this site as an app". it will make a shortcut of that page in the start menu. this way it's also easier to mange all of the pins in the start menu from a central location which is in: edge://apps/

it also allows you to set permissions for every single one of those pins, great feature for enterprise users.


@David Rubino keep up the good work! As much as choosing Chromium as the base for the new Edge might have been controlversial, I really like where Edge is going. It's probably the fastest of all the Chromium-based ones I have tested so far.


Please, do something with the main toolbar and address bar. It's far too big! And give Acrylic a higher priority, too - I sometimes start the original Edge for some tasks and I love all the subtle effects the UI has. Might seem something so unimportant... but it is ;)

@David Rubino Dear Dave, Edgium is not ready for primetime in the consumer space without "pin to start menu".


I'm subscribed to the Dev and Canary channels of Edgium and use them regularly at home.  While it looks promising I simply won't switch from Edge to Edgium without "pin to start menu".  Why?


1) I don't like cluttering up my taskbar.  


2) But more importantly... Microsoft has spit directly in our faces concerning almost everything consumer facing (except maybe XBox) for about 5 years straight now.  As a result consumer focused developers have fled the Windows platform, as if it were a leper, leaving the MS Store less and less a place where we can go for consumer focused apps. 


For example instead of being able to run Intuit's Mint product using an app... because Intuit pulled it from the MS Store back in 2015... like I can do on an iPhone... and iPad... a Samsung phone... or a Samsung tablet... I am forced to use their crappy/clunky website instead.  But not wanting to switch over to an iPad, I reluctantly have mint dot com pinned to my Start menu, and have resigned myself to using the web site shortcut.  I have tried Edgium's "install this site as an app" for use with Mint.  It does NOT work well.  Mint has not made a PWA version of their site and probably never will.  It is not an "app" it's a "site".  I know the difference, I build web-apps professionally, and Mint dot com is not a bloody app!  


Bottom line... don't rub salt in our wounds.  If we can't have real "apps" for things like most operating system's since oh... 2005 have had... then for crying out loud don't take away our "pin to start menu".





I'm perfectly aware of the difference between PWAs and sites. Still my suggestion is correct.
it says "install this Site As an app", Not "install this app". the browser is smart enough to tell the difference between PWAs and sites, too.

what do you mean by it does not work well? AFAIK it doesn't have any bugs/problems.

I have pinned PWAs and normal sites altogether to my start menu without ANY problem. there is No need for end-users to know whether a site is a site or it actually is a PWA, the browser takes care of it automatically.

Oh don't get me wrong, the download page is great, I just want some kind of a "mini download manager", to quickly access your last 10 or 20 downloads (like in Opera, it really works great). I've always hated how Chrome handled downloads. That stupid bar at the bottom has no place in a modern browser.

@leeuniverse , it's right next to the Settings & More (...) button.   

Or you can also send feedback from Settings & More (...) > Help and feedback > Send feedback. 


Send Feedback Smiley 


My concern is the status of C# support for WebView2. We can NOTHING hear about it from the initial announcement of WebView2 several month ago. 

I have several C# projects that using WebView(MSHTML), but the adaptation work is completely stopped. Could you share the schedule about that?

Thank you.

@leeuniverse the "Send Feedback Smiley" should be at the top right hand corner of your browser to the left of the settings menu. It is a smiley face :smile: like this one only no color. Clicking on it is magic indeed!

@David Rubino 

Any chance of a new icon? The Edge icon is too similar to IE for the general public (when I tell people "click the Edge icon" they still don't know what that is and say they only see IE). This new browser is awesome and you guys are doing an incredible job with the quality and speed of development and listening to the users' feedback.  With a totally new and Fluent icon like the Office apps and Your Phone received, it will intrigue users' curiosity on what that is and might make them give it a chance.  It's far better than Chrome already, and it would suck if IE's old negative reputation tagged along with this.

Anyway, exciting times! Keep up the great work Edge team :D

@David Rubino 

First of all, how do I ask a new question? I can't see that option on the page.

Secondly, I abandoned Edge for Firefox because for no reason it deleted all my favourites from all my devices. I downloaded the new beta version of Edge, but despite signing in, it has not restored my favourites. Without them, and with the worry that it will do the same again when I rebuild my list of favourites, why should I change back? When Windows 10 first appeared, Edge was put forward as a great new browser, but in fact it had so many features missing it was hard to believe it had been developed by a company with decades of experience of internet browsers. 


@David Rubino Thnk you and your team for hard eforts to make edge better every day. now there is one thing I miss from old edge, a notification to close opining tabs. this feature is what brevent me from using chrome as main browser and keep using IE and than Edge. please pring it back for edgium.

@David Rubino 


While I see some of the suggestions I made in this Microsoft Edge Insider forum in your post, sadly there is no sign of the one thing I need to use it as my general browser, at the moment or in the future. For me to even consider using a browser as my default browser it MUST support middle-clicking on a favourite in a folder dropdown menu from the favourites bar opening that favourite in a new background tab (which it does) but then LEAVING THE DROPDOWN MENU OPEN for further clicks on other favourites in the list, which it currently doesn't. Current Edge does this, IE does it (or did last time I used it, which was awhile ago), and Firefox does it. Google Chrome is the only other browser I have used at all in a lot of years that does NOT support the middle click on a favourites bar favourite leaving the menu open for further selections; and that is why I won't even consider using Google Chrome other than sending the very occasional page to it that for some obscure reason doesn't 'work' in Firefox (like maybe a dropdown menu won't accept input in Firefox). Barring that very rare maybe one web page per two months, I won't even think of using Google Chrome for browsing.


Sadly Edge Dev doesn't support this. and every time I think I'll try to start a browsing session using Edge Dev, that one deficiency sends me back to Firefox in minutes. So my Edge Dev testing is limited to checking the new features after updates, and throwing  interesting pages over to it from Firefox (with the 'Send To Edge' extension button in Firefox, settings tweaked to send to Edge Dev rather than current Edge) every now and then to see if it copes with them.


I suppose having something other than middle-click would be acceptable (though a pain given 15 years of muscle memory middle-clicking links in favourites bar dropdown menus) provided than it was something easily done one handed. Currently in Edge Dev (like with Google Chrome) the only way I've found to open a favourite link while keeping the dropdown menu open is CTRL-LMB, which on my laptop for me is difficult and painful one handed, or requires me to sit up and twist round to use two hands every time I want to open multiple favourites in one menu, which disability makes very painful, so is not acceptable.


Really, this one thing and I'd be prepared to load up Edge Dev with a bunch more Google Chrome extensions than the couple of critical ones I've installed so far, and try using it as my default browser. Without it I won't, and if I get the impression that it's NOT ever going to be addressed (as Google have made clear over many years of many people asking about in Google Chrome) then I'll just give up on Edge and stop testing it. This is THE most important feature that chrome Edge needs for me and is a complete sine qua non for my adopting it. With it, I'd use Edge Dev now; without it it does not matter what magical other things you add; it's a complete deal breaker feature.

Yeah I think that middle click behavior is a Chromium thing. I hate it, too, so annoying. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I'm hoping they will change how it works.

I can't see how it could be impossible to do. The program can detect the middle click because it already does something different on middle-click - open in new background tab rather than the open in current tab of left click. I've read that at least with Google Chrome an extension can't do it the way one did in Firefox before Mozilla made it built in behaviour in Quantum, because extensions don't have access to WHICH button was pressed. But actually in the main program ... if Microsoft can't make that small kind of additional functionality, there's no reason for anyone to use chromium Edge over Google Chrome.


In fact, if Microsoft added the functionality to the Chromium base, there's a fair number of Google Chrome users who've been screaming fat Google or this for years who would be grateful to Microsoft.

@leeuniverse you are clearly trolling. This is for MICROSOFT EDGE not 360Chome browser.

I don't get that you are listening. The three most asked for things are 1. A better UI fitting more with fluent design. 2. Better favorites and history management - more like classic edge than chrome. 3 - Replacing the missing features like pen support. You're not going to do any of these things. The first 2 are done better by Vivaldi. We may as well swap to that.

@David Rubino

  • Provide different options for sorting favorites
  • Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files
  • Edge should use less memory and CPU than it does

Sounds great.