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Note: This is no longer the most recent top feedback summary. You can always find the latest at https://aka.ms/MSEdgeTopFeedback.


Hello insiders, we’re listening!


Over these past months we have been busy reading all the great feedback you've been sending us through the "Send feedback" smiley, here on the insider forum, and to our @MSEdgeDev Twitter handle. As we go through the feedback, common themes, popular suggestions, and bugs with broad impact emerge. We've been highlighting this "top feedback" within the team, and we'd like to share it with you as well. Starting with this post, we will regularly summarize the most significant feedback we are hearing from you and give you an update on the status of each item. We'll also highlight some of the changes we've made that were inspired or prioritized because of your feedback. Check out the list below, and of course use this forum thread to share your thoughts and discuss.


Your feedback has directly led to many improvements. Here are just some of the most notable, now available in the Canary channel:

  • Dark theme is here!  The most common request over the last several months is to add a dark theme to Edge – check it out in Settings under Appearance today!
  • Need help translating? Bing Translate is now built into Microsoft Edge – look for the prompt offering a translation the next time you encounter a page that isn't in your language
  • Do you want more control over the data your browser keeps?  Check out the privacy controls in Settings under Privacy and services, including the option to Choose what to clear every time you close the browser.
  • Don’t want to see the favorites bar all the time? There is now an option in Settings under Appearance that allows you to show it only when you open a new tab.
  • Are you annoyed by all the ads competing for your attention while you're trying to focus?  Try Reading View for a distraction-free reading experience – look for the book icon in your address bar.
  • Want to sign-in and sync to AAD accounts just like your Microsoft account?  Sign-in and sync of AAD accounts is now available.


Here are some top feedback topics we plan to address in the coming months. (Of course, plans can change. We'll make sure to let you know if timing or direction shift on any of these.)


Planned to be addressed in the Canary channel in September 2019:

  • An option to prevent auto-play of video and audio when you open a website
  • A round of improvements to scrolling experience, with more (including performance) to come down the line
  • The addition of a favorites button to the toolbar, to provide quicker access to favorites


Planned to be addressed in the Canary channel in October 2019:

  • Inking on PDFs
  • When you sign-in to the browser, your sign-in profile picture will accurately be kept up to date.
  • When you have more than one profile, better handling for opening links and attachments in the appropriate profile.
  • An option to set your own photos as the background image on the New Tab Page
  • Enable search in the extensions store
  • A bug fix for users who receive an “Administrator Mode Detected” notification (advising them to close and relaunch the browser in non-administrator mode) each time they launch Edge
  • ClickOnce deployment of Windows applications from web pages


The team is reviewing the following feature requests and we'll be sure to let you know if they're getting ready to show up in one of our channels:

  • Feature requests for the New Tab Page, including the capability to turn off the news feed, to hide the Bing search bar, to change the search provider, to rename tiles, and to support Dark Theme
  • Bring back features from the current version of Microsoft Edge such as tab set aside, tab preview, "Ask Cortana", and the reading list
  • Make it easier to share web content with other users and apps
  • Provide an option to set a custom home page
  • Update the user interface with the Fluent Design System, including less rounded tabs
  • Support themes from the Chrome Web Store
  • Allow sign-in to the browser with a Google account
  • Provide different options for sorting favorites
  • Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files


Finally, there are a few areas where you've told us our quality needs to improve. We are investigating these areas and will fix specific bugs when they are identified:

  • Edge should use less memory and CPU than it does
  • Scrolling should feel smoother, both for web pages and PDFs
  • Update does not always work reliably
  • Drop-down menus in some web pages are not working


You can help in these areas by keeping the bug reports coming. Whether you have a major issue or a minor glitch, if you see something, click the "Send feedback" smiley and tell us briefly what happened. Every report helps!


Thank you all for being insiders. Your feedback motivates and inspires us, and we genuinely appreciate it. We look forward to sharing these updates on a regular basis to show how you're helping to set the direction of the next version of Microsoft Edge.


-David Rubino

Microsoft Edge Team

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When is Linux support coming? Otherwise, I can't wait for these updates!

Uh, where is this magical "Send Feedback Smiley"?

I would have rather done that than create a "discussion thread", rather than having to deal with some people who can't help themselves abusing others simply for suggesting additional features.

@leeuniverse Directly to the left of the menu button.



hmmm... The full menu shows for me, and there's no smiley face.
Let me try some things. Nope, trying IE Core or disabling Ad Blocker doesn't do anything.

BTW, I'm using 360Chrome as my browser.


Let's try Canary.

Nope, still seeing the full menu... here's a pic.




As you can see, my menu looks NOTHING like yours???



Linux support is definitely a feature request we're tracking. We don't have a plan at this time, but we're reviewing it alongside other feature requests. Make sure to add your voice to the chorus by sending feedback if you haven't already. 



@leeuniverse The send feedback smiley is in the Microsoft Edge Dev/Canary toolbar, not on the insider forum web page itself. Does that help?



LOL, that's why... it kinda seemed like you were saying the smiley was on the Insider Forum lol
Donka... :)

@David Rubino Are we going to get immersive reader and Ebook support?

@David RubinoDo you plan built in native support for Timeline?

@David Rubino 

It is helpful to have this overview of what is planned and what is still being reviewed and considered. While it is disappointing that two of the items on my wish list (tab set aside and the download options) are only in the "team is reviewing" stage, it is good to know that I should not look for them in the near future.


Thanks to you and the team for the transparency and the confirmation that the feedback process is working.

@David Rubino 


These are top features you should bring back to Edge.


  • Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files.
  • Provide different options for sorting favorites.
  • Tab set aside, tab preview, "Ask Cortana", and the reading list.

These special features will make Super Useful and Different from the other Browsers .


Timeline support would be nice also .

So a bunch of great things coming. Though I'd like to mention that if "Set tabs aside" is brought back, allow us to hide that button.


And in regards to Reading List and the upcoming Favorites button, please bring back the entire hub (including downloads, history, etc.). Being able to pin that sidebar made for a great UX.

@David Rubino 

This is a great plan for the future of the Edge insider. I hope the Edge team accept those suggestions after reviewing them, specially this one:


  • Bring back features from the current version of Microsoft Edge such as tab set aside, tab preview, "Ask Cortana", and the reading list


@David Rubino Please don't bloat this. Less is more when it comes to web browsers. Please check how many people are using a feature in Edge before putting it in this.

I think, people should have the option to enable or disable these features. That will be a win win situation for everyone.

I don't understand why people are having problem with the rounded-corner tabs. The context menus with rounded corners are perfect and if I remember correctly, this design will be used throughout the whole OS in the future. Please do not change this. We need consistency. All we need is something like this:




By adding more Fluent, the browser will look very different (which means different from Chrome). The download manager is horrifically bad right now, we need a hub, just like in the old Edge (or the second link above).

And please, add the "do not close with the last tab" option.

One more thing, when you start working on the new tab page, please take a look at ho Opera solved the problem.

This is an old screenshot but whatever, I think it looks awesome: https://i.imgur.com/QfQ6wGH.png


Oh I'm a sucker for acrylic/transparent top bars! totally agree with all of it except for the downloads part,

right now the downloads page got everything needed, the file type categories make them easier to browse and download history is also categorized by date. it's decent.

Annotation 2019-08-20 214313.png


@David Rubino 

I don't understand why there should be an option to sign in with G account in Edge?

Please, just keep Edge as far as possible from Google's tentacles...

Google isn't letting users login with Microsoft account in Chrome, so i don't know why Microsoft should do this in favor of Google.