What is the purpose of A/B tests in Edge Canary?

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For "A/B tests" I mean those features that are enabled to a group of users and disabled to anothers.
Is this really necessary?
I'm just curious about the purpose of this kind of test.
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currently Microsoft categorizes those groups of people based on their country and they determine it via the IP address.
IP address location is so much inaccurate. I use VPNs a lot and Edge changes the UI and features based on that regularly. it's like I'm not in control of the software I'm using.

IMO, it's not necessary. if Google can handle Canary channel (with probably 10 times more users than Edge canary) and without these silly A/B testing stuff then Microsoft can too for sure.


I agree.
From my perspective (a noob user) I think that Edge testing will be even more effective if everyone in Canary chanel receive exactly the same features.

Even this forum loses its meaning with this test format, as many people report problems and questions about a specific feature and others can't help because as they are in the group that doesn't have that feature enabled they have no idea what that user means.

You're totally right