What is the folder "Sigma" all about in \Edge\Application\88.0.705.68\Trust Protection Lists\Sigma

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I recently discovered the file "Sigma" in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\88.0.705.68\Trust Protection Lists\Sigma, what is it all about? What does it do? And what is the file named Cryptomining do?

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It looks like it is a test list of sites having cryptominers. All the files in Sigma on my pc contain test domain names (ending with .example), so it looks like it is some sort of testing code for the real feature.


The 'Mu' subdirectory in the same parent directory contains more interesting lists.

@Bert_Huijben Can you tell me where is the the 'Mu' subdirectory? I really wanted to know what is inside the list.

@Bert_Huijben And is there a reason they called the file "Sigma"?

Did you ever find out what file was use for