What is going on with Edge?

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Someone help me. I have been dealing with this problem for an YEAR now. This is getting weird. No one is listening! It is very slow and glitches my laptop. 1TB of storage 12 GB of RAM. i got lots of it. Consumes my CPU. Has lots of issues and bugs.
This is it. I am not forcing you guys. But you gotta fix it or you are losing users. And you know what it means when you lose users.

Very dissatisfied. 


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@Shaurya12  Edge resource use was an issue with early Insider builds (circa Spring-Summer 2019) because Edge opened an extraordinary number of processes. 


Microsoft worked to resolve the issues and now, as a general rule, Edge uses less resources than Google Chrome.   In your earlier post on the subject ("Slow and Glitchy", April 20, 2021) you indicated that you are using Google Chrome.  Compare the resource use of the two browsers in identical circumstances.  If resource use is significantly higher for Edge than Chrome, that suggests that something is wrong with the Edge build.  I say "with the Edge build" because independent testing has demonstrated that Edge is usually more resource-conserving than Chrome.


The performance issues (loading issues, high CPU use, high RAM use) you are experiencing are both extraordinary and extreme, which suggests that the high resource use results from something that is amiss with your particular circumstances, hardware (missing/wrong drivers, usually), Windows settings, conflicting Edge extensions or Edge settings.   It is possible that your Edge build is corrupted.  Troubleshooting the issues you are encountering may be complicated.


Here are two suggestions:


(1)  Performance/Resource Issues -- If you are experiencing the problem with Edge Stable (but not using Beta, Dev or Canary), consider contacting Microsoft Support and working with them to resolve the issue.  If you are using Edge Beta, Dev or Canary, consider contacting Microsoft Edge Insider Support and working with them to resolve the issue.


(2)  Other Bugs -- Report bugs via Microsoft Feedback.  Bugs that are reported are bugs that get fixed.