Welcome to Microsoft Launcher Beta Community!

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With Google+ shutting down on April 2nd, we are creating a new home for our beta family here, and we are now inviting you all to join and continue our awesome conversations.


Here are a few tips to help you get familiar with this new home.


Join the community

You’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft Account first before you can join the community.


Install the beta build

Navigate here and select BECOME A TESTER after which you'll get confirmation that "You are now a tester." Then to download, select the highlighted link "Download Microsoft Launcher from the Play Store."


Latest build & fixes

Please go to Blogs > Microsoft Launcher Beta Announcements to check latest beta build and fixes.


Reporting beta feedback


We appreciate your support through this transition. Let us know if you have any questions onboarding to the new beta home, and any feedback regarding the new community.


Let's shape the new beta home together!


Microsoft Launcher Team

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Is there any way to follow this community via apps like tapatalk?
Good to hear that this has been resolved
Yes, let's hope will be better than on google+ :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thanks! Here's hoping there will be a Tech Community app eventually!
basically you can book mark this community through browser's book mark, or find it from top menu -> Communities -> My communities -> Microsoft Launcher
yes, we are FWing this feedback to Tech Community Team within MS.
Thanks for this update!

Do we use the discussion part to post any feature request?

Also, is there a way to get notifications within an app for new posts?
Hi, @Kanahl, in home of our community here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Launcher/ct-p/MicrosoftLauncher, there is a tab called "Ideas" , you can suggest new feature request there.
I really hope an app of some sort it eventually made for this. Navigation is clunky at best and screen refreshing and general navigation is putting me off even opening up this page, and I have it pinned to my home screen. Maybe I'll get used to it, but I have my doubts. The app on Google + is nearly instantaneous, this way is slow and cumbersome. Thats my two cents...

Hey @Lroyny1, thanks for your response! We are bringing this feedback to tech community team. We'll let you know once we get an update. 

@Gorden_Lin are there any plans to have a Reddit community? I'm surprised that isn't the platform of choice for the community to have moved to. It seems like you'd get a lot more exposure socially there.

Yeah, it was good to have it on reddit. I thought they would have moved it to reddit
Thank you for creating community spaces and caring about them. It makes Microsoft Launcher even better!

I'm glad Microsoft Tech Community was your choice. I hope it does a better job at keeping things professional and free of spam.
This is awesome.
Poor communication though cause I only found this out via the features / changes section of the launcher on Google play.
This also means there is need to rejoin or join as live.com instead of Gmail.com accounts. It is a migration mess.
Also more spam like G+ probably.
1. Date Time Widget is not updating 2. Animation lag 3. Battery sucker Please do something or now it's time to uninstall and rate 0 to this outdated launcher
@moonis, can you give us more details on the issues you mentioned above?
- your device model, Android version, Launcher version;
- for Date/Time widget, is the weather or time not update? and how long it is not update? can you see the location of the weather? did weather detail page updated? there is a refresh button there in detail page, can you try manually refresh?
- which animation is lag?
- can you send us log of battery issue by going to settings page of Launcher -> Contact us -> trouble shooting tool -> battery profiling tool.
-TIME IS NOT UPDATING (Gap of 18 minutes)
-Every minimize animation is lagging .. i.g Application minimize.. split screen crashes and lots of various bugs
-already formatted, refreshed the device and refreshed everything
- Restart launcher helps to solve the problem for few minutes and the again it lags