Weird tooltip appearing in Canary builds

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Hi there,

In the recent Canary builds, we are seeing a weird tooltip in the title bar area. This used to not show up earlier, so please have a look at it.


Screenshot (220).png



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@Rohit Yadav Thanks for letting us know. Can you confirm where you have the cursor when you get this tooltip? I can't quite see it in your screenshot.


Fawkes (they/them)
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The tooltip appears when I place the mouse cursor on the title bar, in an empty place where no tab is there.
In the screenshot above, my mouse cursor was near the window controls. It disappeared while I was taking the snip.

@Rohit Yadav I've had a similar problem where if I have a window open behind my current window, my mouse will create the toolbar thing, almost as if the current window is non-existent, over a button or something that creates them, except it won't disappear when the mouse moves until I open the window that caused it, in which case it will disappear like normal. One of the most frequent cases is the browser task manager, but that may be due to having an entire page that creates hover toolbars.

@cjc2112 It just happened again. Task manager. This time it disappeared after the mouse hovered over it again, but usually it doesn't do that.