Weird Edge not responding and RAM eating behaviour 2

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Hello again. Now this is part two of the Edge incredible behaviour of eating RAM and this time I have pictures! Jokes aside, this time I had similar experience to the last time I had with this behaviour last year. Here's link to the post last year: Weird Edge not responding and RAM eating behaviour


This time I just have two tabs opening YouTube videos, one is playing music videos and the other is a video pausing. While I was listening to the music and nearing the end out of sudden the video started to buffer. At first I thought is my internet connection so I checked it with my phone I found out there are no connectivity issue. Then I clicked on the browser again to find out the UI is not responding though the window is still working as I still able to minimize and maximize. 


I opened the task manager to see what is going on the I found this: 



Edge is eating up 4.5 GB of memory while its UI is not responding. After I left it sit for a while, the browser is then back to normal. All webpages are working correctly and no issue afterward. Task Manager also shown the result as this: 



The version of Microsoft Edge I am using is Version 91.0.864.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit). 

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Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration? I started having issues like this with youtube videos and that seemed to fix it. 

Will do, though that being said this problem only happens once in a while so it is not such a big deal for me but I might check it, thanks.
I turned off hardware accleration. Stil consumes lots of RAM and CPU
Hi @Limyx826,
Do you have any hidden Edge add-ons?
Anyways, as IT technician I would recommendend u the Brave Browser. ;D
Good luck,
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