Weird bug on Wikipedia, maybe in other sites

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Captura de pantalla 2024-03-10 a la(s) 9.56.34 a.m..pngCaptura de pantalla 2024-03-10 a la(s) 3.34.23 p.m..png

On the first image Safari(left) the name of the books on the column inside the Wikipedia page look normal, for instance you can read “The Illustrated Dune (1978)” but on Edge (right) it’s incorrect characters exactly one after the actual characters, it reads “Uif!Jmmvtusbufe!Evof (1978)” why is that happening? I’m on MacOS Sonoma 14 and Edge is version 122 by the way.


On the second image a few words are changed but not all, really weird, I already tried opening the pages on private mode and its the same.

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