Webview2 does not work anymore.


Webview2 does not work anymore. Probably because there is a new major version and the SDK has not been updated.


To reproduce, clone:


Run it. Screen will stay blank, and the application will fail to initialize the environment. Error message:

C:\source\git\WebView2Browser\BrowserWindow.cpp(193)\WebView2Browser.exe!00007FF62A71A44E: (caller: 00007FF62A729A0A) ReturnHr(1) tid(40020) 80004002 No such interface supported
[BrowserWindow::InitInstance::<lambda_c6394abc9bcc57c2db89e178de36945c>::operator ()(result)]



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@jspuij , thanks for reporting the issue. This looks like a known bug that has already been fixed in Edge canary build 84.0.480.0. Please try using 84.0.480.0 or later build and see whether it fix the issue. Let us know how it works. Thanks!