Websites are detecting Dark Mode in Edge insider and using it as their theme

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So I just visited an article on Windows Central website and it looks like this




This is Edge insider Version 80.0.315.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)




however, it looks like this on Edge classic


Annotation 2019-10-28 230339.png


Websites are detecting my current theme in Edge insider Canary which is really good, and show me the relevant style of their sites.

when I set the theme to Light in Edge insider settings, that website's theme also switches to white, without the need to refresh the page or restart the browser.

I hope more websites react to this.

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This is really cool, @HotCakeX.  I love that respecting the user's preferences is becoming a standard business practice everywhere.  Thanks - Elliot

Yes indeed, unlike the method that would Force dark mode on websites using flags (or 3rd party extensions) which sometimes makes text unreadable or some elements even hidden, this method is better because website developers Willingly offer 2 versions of their websites (dark/light) to the viewers and web browser automatically decides which one to render.