Website infinite scroll error


This error occurred while browsing this very forum using Edge Dev


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@Tiago Freire 


Has the error happened multiple times for your, or only once?




@V-FRROME   I got it this morning, too, about 7 am CST.  I decided it was a fluke caused by a coding error, and didn't bother to report it.  I figured that Microsoft would catch it and fix it.  It seems to be fixed now at 1 pm CST.



I appreciate the update.




@V-FRROME  @Tiago Freire 


Frank, got the error this morning when I was scrolling down through the messages, using my mouse wheel.  The scrolling worked for eight "Show More Conversations" page refreshes, and then I got this on the ninth:




Once the error happens, it goes on and on (I suspect that "Website infinite scroll error" is an accurate description), so that each additional scroll down to "Show More Conversations" brings this result, seemingly endlessly:




I did two things to test this error.


First, I opened the Discussion thread "Decouple my feed from MSN" to see if the thread was corrupted.  It does not appear to be:




Second, I opened the Discussion site in Firefox, to see if the error was limited to Edge Chromium.  I got the same result with Firefox that I got with Edge Chromium, at exactly the same point (eight pages scrolled successfully, the ninth bombed).  So it isn't the browser.


A case of "false expectations", or maybe rebellion at eating too much hash?  Got me, but have fun with it.



@Tiago Freire @V-FRROME 


Following up.   As reported in an earlier comment, I got the "infinite scroll" error again this morning (5 am CST), at the ninth "See More Conversations" scroll-down,  using both Edge Chromium and Firefox browsers.  I just checked again (7 am CST) and got the error, but this time at the eleventh scroll-down.  That suggests three things:  (1) the error is not message-thread related; and (2) the error behavior is somewhat idiosyncratic, but persistent; and (3) the error might be time dependent or server activity dependent.




At this point, I put the issue in your capable hands.  You should have no problem replicating the error.  I'm taking my hands off.




I did a quick check this morning (July 28), and replicated the error on each of the following permutations, getting identical results on each:


(1) W10 Pro, both Edge Chromium Dev Version and Firefox Quantum 68.0.1
(2) W10 Home, both Edge Chromium Dev Version and Firefox Quantum 68.0.1
(3) Solus OS 4, Firefox Quantum 68.0
(4) W8 Pro, IE 11


The "For "." left-hand operand: Expected a hash, but this has evaluated to a string" error message isn't widely reported, but it is common enough to suggest a Java API Freemarker coding error related to a counter.