Web Share API on Edge should only return callback after a share action has been completed

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Hi Josh,

According to the description of navigator.share() on MDN Doc, the Promise returns by navigator.share() will be fulfilled when a share action has been completed.

Although Edge (on Windows) starts supporting Web Share API after version 79, I find the Promise returns by navigator.share() will be fulfilled as soon as an OS built-in sharing panel popping up, even if a user hasn't clicked on any buttons on the panel.

It is different from how I see Safari and Chrome handle the Web Share API callback. As far as I know, both Safari and Chrome only fulfill the Promise from navigator.share() after a user has "completed" a share action on the OS sharing panel. 

I really appreciate what you guys did for the new Edge. But I wonder if the Microsoft Edge Team will improve the design of Web Share API in the future.

Best regards.

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