Web Push notification bug (Edge for Android)

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I don't know if I am in the right place.

I am trying to set up web-push notifications for a webpage.

Using this PHP-library: https://github.com/web-push-libs/web-push-php


It works perfectly on all my desktop browsers and on all my mobile browsers (firefox, chrome, adblock browser) but not on Edge mobile.


After setting up the endpoint and keys, all VAPID data and sending it to the windows push service, I get a successful answer for the endpoint.



Now the problem:

After receiving the push message (it is always submitted to the mobile device), the payload is always null.

If I use the aes128gcm encryption, the message is not submitted to the webpage and the browser report this error:

"The message payload is smaller than the smallest valid message (104 bytes)"

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@AdrianoTiger Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the MSFT Edge Insider community!


It looks like there could be a number of overlapping areas involved here, so I'm going to start by passing it along to our Mobile team. I'll let you know if they have any insights to share.


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@petervledder Maybe the problem is that Edge for Mobile still use Chrome 77.0.3865.116 instead of a newer version.

But I can't find any contact or Edge for Android support anywhere.


I now tested the push notification on many browsers and many devices.


Every browser is able to send push notification with the github library. Except Edge for Android.


Since the Microsoft server accept the endpoint and return a successfully code, there is no way to discover what went wrong.


The sad news, is that some paid push-services (like https://www.webpushr.com/) works on Edge for Android! So there is a way to have push notifications.


EDIT: I see now that the endpoint on my edge browser is fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/... and not one from Microsoft. So, Edge will transmit the notification to the Google Server and it could be that Google is just rejecting all messages to Edge.

@AdrianoTiger I just tried the webpushr.com demo page, and that didn't work either. They also don't receive a push message payload (it is null).

@MBachhuber You're right. It doesn't work.

On each paid service I tried. The message arrived only once. Then the payload was null.

When I wrote the message, I tried it only 1 time and I was hoping it was working.

But the bug (probably it is more a problem) is not in the Microsoft server, but in the Google server. It seems that Google is just blocking all push notifications from Edge.


I wrote everything I was able to debug and discover in this stackoverflow post:



Chromium is in the version 88 now. Edge for Android is still using Chromium v.77.

All push messages are directed to the Google Server. Every browser using Chromium use the Google servers to post messages. But messages from Edge are just removed...

Still no reply or any answer from Microsoft team.

- www.pushengage.com works on Android. Probably it use the Google service... Can't believe they was able to bring it to edge with the standard web API.
- Edge Canary use the new chromium version (91 and 92, not 77). But the browser doesn't generate any Endpoint link, when a subscription is made over javascript.