Web page content overlaps side panel

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For over a week in canary and now in dev, the content area overlaps a side panel such as that for favorites.  This makes it impossible to access content near the right edge of the current web pages content area.




   It ffects both Favorites and History when pinned.  For the panels opened from the sidebar, the behavior is inconsistent.  Here is the Search panel






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@rshupak hi.


I just updated to Version 114.0.1801.0  and I only have Favourites, Collections, and History pinned to my toolbar. I've noticed that this overlapping only occurs when first opening Favourites or History  when they're in pinned mode. I found that when I open one of themI have the overlap issue, but when I switch to the other one, it's resolved. Switching back to the original one I opened, also resolves it. Sometimes, when opening Collections, I briefly see the overlap issue, but it quickly resolves itself without any need for switching.

Thank you for taking the time to report this. I was able to verify with the feature team that they are aware this is occurring. A fix should be coming soon, but at this time, I don't know what build it will be in.

I only pin favorites and had confirmed that closing and reopening didn't correct it. I then pinned history and found that when you switch from one to another it corrects itself. If closed and reopened, the problem returns. Still, thank you for the work around.


I should note that this fixes the issue with Favorites and History.  It doesn't fix the issue with the search side panel.

Update: Just updated to Version 114.0.1803.0 and the issue has been resolved.

@Pete_FFC Still broken in today's Version 114.0.1804.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

@rshupak yep, broken again with this build.

Fixed in 1806 and remains fixed in 1807. That is, the issue with Favorites and History.  The search side panel and maybe others are still broken.