Web Capture "copy" button should copy an image file, ready to be pasted into a folder




after using Web capture and snipping part of the screen, when you use the Copy button, you don't get an image file in the clipboard, you still need to open a new program like Paint to paste it in there and then save it as a file to desktop or folder.


I'm suggesting to change this and simplify it, when we press Copy, then copy the actual image file ready to be pasted in a folder or desktop.


you can still get the old way of copying if you press "add notes" and then press copy.


I'm sending this as feedback using feedback button on Edge, if you like this, do the same.

more feedback = higher priority 

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Done, I sent feedback. this is a rgeat idea. Thanks
Yeah, I was thinking about it as well. Since it is very hidden in add notes.
Yeah true, not even an icon on Edge toolbar like web capture has.

@HotCakeX Good idea, the way it should have been done.

@HotCakeX, at risk of giving this higher visibility by posting, I disagree because your request would make the button semantically inconsistent with how it is used. 


When selecting a portion of a web page, we are not selecting an image file, but rather an image or section of an image, so the semantically correct behavior of a "Copy" button would be to copy a section of an image. Otherwise, when selecting a section of an image in MS Paint, then clicking "Copy," we should expect to copy a newly created file there, too.


Additionally, needing to click "Add notes" to copy the image instead of a new image file is unintuitive.  There just is not anything that suggests clicking that button is good for anything other than adding notes.


Perhaps a better alternative to changing the function of the existing button would be to add a new button with the text, "Copy as Image File"?