Web Capture in full screen Utube

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Microsoft EdgeVersion 100.0.1185.29 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS Windows 11 Pro - 21H2
OS Build - 22000.593
Has anyone else found this to happen?
While watching a full-screen Utube video, you want to take a screenshot of a selected area -(generally, info shown on a tube video for ref) and when you screen capture the area the app just disappears with no save or capture option.  Is it me or an issue? It will capture the same screen when not in full-screen mode but as I want a better resolution so I need it in full-screen capture. Running on laptop with 2 external monitors and as I have mentioned it's only an issue in full-screen utube watching and using the shortcut keys which work fine when not in full screen. 
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You may try share a feedback and suggest this feature become available.
Microsoft Edge Web Capture doesn't work on this scenario.
You may share feedback on:



Is this a request for a feature or a report of a non-functioning feature?

Ssurely this needs to be confirmed before the next step can be taken!

It would seem similar to requesting that all four wheels rotate on my car when I drive rather than just three wheels and asking for the fourth wheel to rotate as an extra feature.

Thanks in advance for your interest.


Reza, I hasten to add that this is the built-in "Web Capture" for MS edge currently the latest version so many apologies if this isn't understood. Thanks again
There is tip, you have to make YouTube full screen, then right click on it and if it shows option for Web Capture, you may use it and it works as expected. However, in case you right click and you don't see this option, right click again and you will see it. In this case, you don't need to share a feedback because the feature work, initially I was thinking about another feature but your request is work. In case this is not what you are experiencing, please let me know.
thanks for the feedback Reza.
Just to follow up.
Welcome, you may share it using the Feedback tool , so the Microsoft Edge team could investigate it.