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Dear Edge guys,


Here I want to share my idea, why users don't feel Edge is as their favorite one. I think Edge is too edgy. From design perspective the every part and content from Edge team seem not so fluent. 


For example, why you don't make the "We've updated you to the latest build page design" page like acrylic, rounded corner, transparent effect and so on? May be it is not so important for Edge development, but I think, every small part of your team work shows good design and give a feeling of a more modern browser, even the content about Edge development.


I like you guys excel in web design. What do you think about this?


Edge Dev current.pngEdge Dev proposed 1.pngEdge Dev proposed 2.pngEdge Dev proposed 3.png

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although it looks nice, but it's web design in the end, and I don't think anyone downloads or uses Edge just because the website has a colorful background or edges are curvy instead of sharp.
the background colors make it even hard to read some texts, no matter if font color is white or black.

this page also have a dark background design
when theme in Edge settings is set to dark.

so IMO if acrylic or fluent design elements are to be implemented, they better happen in Edge browser itself.
Although your design is good, I personally like uncluttered clean things, It feels more mature and less childish. But yeah they can improve it , but I think for now, development of edge is more important than the web designing.