We Need RegEx!

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I will admit this is a bit niche (I imagine most everyday users don't even know what regex is), but it would be very convenient for us more tech-savvy users to have regex support when using the search feature (command f on mac, not sure about windows) (especially in something like a pdf). I commonly find the need to search for just a word by itself, whether or not to ignore case, searching for classes of queries, etc...

As it stands, Edge's ability to filter search queries (i.e. none, to my knowledge) is kind of pathetic, and could stand even some marginal improvement, if not full on JS style regex. 

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So much this. Happy to see I'm not the only one who's had this thought. I like the way that VS Code does Search, with whole word, case specific, and regex options hidden simply. Lately going through some class resources, textbooks, and websites where I've been looking for something that's impossible to find without regex because there are several thousand entries of just the word with no context. Would be overjoyed to see this feature, as I know of no browser that has it. Not even sure if there are PDF readers that do (though they may and I haven't looked hard for them).
Also, Ctrl+F on Windows to open find.