We can learn from arabian browser too. block websites

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On such browser specific website are simply blocked. now the point is: edge could add such feature too. the user simply create some group of banned websites, and then we can activate it.

we want to ban social? we click social and edge blocks such websites (maybe for 1 hour).


Soon i will create a list of priority, so that for edge devs is easier to understand which in my opinion should be implemented first, otherwise they get lost a bit. for example this suggestions has priority 2-3 in a scala 1-10 (max). there are other extensions able to do that, or you can use mac apps.


PS: brave, opera, maiar, avast, ghostbrowser have been informed about the various suggestions too (if maybe other user use multiple browser like i do). this doesn't mean that now all browser will implement the same. main suggestions will always be sent to edge and google first. i will submit the features to firefox too, but first i need to exclude already available options. 


You can find this suggestion on Chromium too: CHECKLATER

All my other suggestions are here: https://link.ws/edgesuggestions

Suggestions I liked from other user here: https://link.ws/othersuggestions
Chromium suggestions list 1: https://link.ws/chrome1 and 2: https://link.ws/chrome2

From end 2020-10 all suggestions are written on both Edge and Chrome at the same time, suggestions before 2020-10 are available only on Chrome.

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don't like the idea, browser is for browsing not block or censure the net, you use a network hardware for that, like DNS filtering or router blocking.

So in short i'm totally against this idea.