WDAG Support in Edge Chromium Edition?

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So far I am really enjoying the new browser despite my reservations about where the core of it comes from.  One of the features that I am wondering about given the new architecture is WDAG and being able to open a new browser session in application guard.


Is this on any sort of roadmap?  Is this something that is even possible with the chromium based Edge?


This and other more Enterprise focused features are going to be critical to adoption of this new browser.


Again, I do know that this is Alpha stage.  It is incredibly stable for the stage it is in.  I am pretty impressed with it so far.


Many thanks for letting us kick the tires on your new project like this.

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As you indicated this is still an early build and we are always trying to improve. I will make sure that your concerns are seen by the product team.



I have tested WDAG on a Win 10 2004 machine with latest Edge (chromium) and it works fine.