Warning upon closing multiple tabs

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Please add an option to turn on a warning prompt when closing multiple tabs. This feature is in the original Microsoft Edge and is very useful.

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Good call on this.  I will provide your suggestion to the team.



Eric E.





Please poke the team again about this. I know it doesn't exist in Google Chrome either but was hoping Microsoft would fix it.  :D


Hello. I am for! it's really missing! see you.

@Eric_MS  So where is it ?? It's A MUST have feature !



Yes, need this "feature" :smile:

really need this "feature"

So what happened @Eric_MS? We'd appreciate a quick note as to whether this is even planned or not (and if so, the ETA). I was willing to give the new Edge a good, honest try once the stable version was released, but TBH if basic features like this aren't going to be added then I don't see any reason to switch from my existing browser of choice.


Yes, +1 :smile: