Wantinig to Refine my Edge home page background but clicked wrong feedback

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I assume based on whether I say I like an Edge background or click "not a fan" that the images i am presented with are refined.


Well, twice I have clicked "not a fan" when I meant to click that I liked it.


I'd like to know if I can view my history of choices so that I can be sure to be giving accurate feedback to the a.i.


I am probably a few years ahead of reality on this one, but it is a genuine concern for me. Maybe they could place the feedback buttons differently so it is not so easy to click on the wrong one.

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Yup, same here. Edge's UI team should look into it. They must have already received numerous 'WRONG' feedbacks just due this silly UI system. They better look into this soon, else all the hard work some diligent team will go down the drain!


Let's not stop giving feedback for betterment. Cheers! 

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