Wanting To Test & Suggest New Features For Edge- How Do I Get Started? 🤔

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Hey guys!


It looks like this is my first official post here regarding wanting to be an Edge Insider. So, feel free to welcome me! :) The title pretty much states it- I would like to test certain features in Edge, as well as being able to SUGGEST new features, but I have no clue as to which channel(s) to join regarding this, & I also don't know if there any extra steps which are part of the process. 🤷‍:male_sign: But anyway, I'm hoping someone can help me out! :ok_hand:


If any of you all need more details or have specific questions for me, just ask away & I will do my very best to answer them! :thumbs_up: Thanks in advance to anyone here whom can help! :) 🙇‍:male_sign:

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@Jennings92  Hi,

You are welcome at MTC :)

I recommend Edge Beta to start with, then Dev.

Alt+Shift+I (feedback, suggestions to the Edge team, and diagnostic data)

Good luck.