Wallpaper problem

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Hello, i have a wallpaperScreenshot_20210624-130627_Microsoft Launcher.jpg problem,


As you can see it it's not normal...


I have never have this before a recent update



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Dear user, could you tell me what's your device type and Android version?
Hello, firstly, i wanted to precise that it's a new issue, and i use the launcher on my tablet for a long time !
Samsung galaxy tab A, android 8.1.0
Thanks, we will investigate it.
Hello, did you find a solution to this problem ?
Sorry, because this issue is not easy to repro, we haven't find the root cause. But it is still under investigate.

@hongli_bai ok, to help you, I'll give you some details: the wallpaper is set to "bing" in "automatic update every day", when the wallpaper is changed, there is no no problem, this wallpaper uses all the available space, well proportionately, but when I turn off the tablet, and turn it on again, the problem appears! And it remains even after reboot or whatever!

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@hongli_bai  My problem seems to be solved since this week, but the problem is also here on a special screen : see the following screenshots :

Screenshot_20211106-122955_Microsoft Launcher.jpg>>problem solved

Screenshot_20211106-123002_Microsoft Launcher.jpg

>>problem not solved on  "activated apps" screen


So, thank you for the work on the first problem !

hello have a same problem