Volume popup is back (with a vengeance)

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in Version 123.0.2420.10 (Official build) beta (64-bit)


Past discussions mention that flags expire, but neither "Temporarily unexpire M121 flags" nor "Temporarily unexpire M122 flags" restores the missing hardware-media-key-handling flag.


More to the point, how is this volume popup still part of Windows / Chromium after, what, 5 years?  You're really going to cover 20% of the user's screen with a popup every time they change the volume, and this popup lasts for 30 seconds, blocking all interaction with content behind it? And the option to disable it is hidden in experimental flags that need to be enabled for each browser separately, and these flags automatically expire, so this wonderful popup periodically shows up again... People have been complaining about this thing non stop since it was introduced.  Just get rid of it.

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