Visual (Serious) bugs - Microsoft Edge

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<p>Microsoft Edge is a most bugged browser I've ever used. I can't do some things such as write post normally coz I can't this are bigger. On ms teams I can't see some things. Maybe they're visual bugs but bcoz of this bugs we're almost not able to do anything. Please, fix this. </p>
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can you be more specific? what's exactly wrong with Microsoft Teams on Edge?
what do you mean by write post normally? what's wrong exactly?
I've been using Edge since 1.5 year ago, it's not a buggy browser.


That bugs basically. I have also other bugs on other sites. I don't remember on which sites but similiat to these. Also after using MS Edge for some time, WebGL are lagging but I just need to restrat MS Edge (I think it's more because of WebGL and not by web browser)


The pictures you've attached don't show anything useful.
the first one is the post editor toolbar of Microsoft tech community website, the second one is from Microsoft Teams maybe? I can't read Polish, but again doesn't give much information about the bugs or errors you are experiencing.
it's better to take a video recording of the problem you are having with exact steps on how to reproduce them + website URL + Edge version + OS version.