Virtual memory usage too high for 64bit versions

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Why 64bit Edge uses that much virtual memory? It's really inconvenient to keep a huge swap only for edge to be able to run without exhausting all virtual memory reserves. 64bit Chrome does not do this, 32bit edge does not do this.



ps msedge|select -exp ws|measure -sum


ps msedge|select -exp pm|measure -sum


Difference between physical and virtual memory allocation is not huge, as it should be.


ps msedge|select -exp ws|measure -sum


ps msedge|select -exp pm|measure -sum


1.6 times move virtual memory allocated vs physical. I'm running out of disk space for swap on my ssd.


Please take a look at this. Don't really want to run a 32 bit version. (please dont advise me to turn on automatic swap size management, its in accordance to my resources and preferences. i have no trouble with other applications.)

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