Virtual Keyboard no longer pops up automatically when using Surface Pro and touch.

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As of 2 weeks ago my virtual keyboard when using touch on my Surface Pro no longer opens automatically when pressing an input field in Edge. It works fine in Chrome and Firefox. Furthermore, I've never been able to get it to pop when using the Microsoft Pen as input device on my Pro. Any tricks or is it just completely broken?


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I can confirm this issue, unfortunately it's actually broken for all Windows OS touch devices (Surface and non-Surface). The problem relies to a change in the recent builds of the Chrome rendering engine, starting with version 80.0.3xxx. Since this is driven by the Google Chromium project, it's out of MS reach. This also affects the latest Gogle Chrome Canary. 

I reported the bug to the Chromium team Issue: 1022295 two weeks ago. Although they stated the issue as "fixed" now, it still persists and I'm trying to reopen the bug report. 


Btw, auto-invoking the virtual keyboard with pen or stylus never worked on any chrome-driven browser. I'll bring this up to the Chromium team as well, let's see if we can achieve something. 


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