'View Site Information' in Address Bar Gets Cut Off

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When clicking on the "i" or "Padlock" icon in the address bar to view site information, the view site information is cut off if there are multiple site permissions set. It is also not possible to scroll in order to see the cut off information.

Screenshot A (100% Display Scaling):

Screenshot A.png


Screenshot B (125% Display Scaling):

Screenshot B.png


Screenshot C (150% Display Scaling):

Screenshot C.png



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@Lexington Welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider community! We appreciate you reaching out about this.


It looks like this directly correlates to an open bug that the team is working on. However, it would be great to see diagnostics so that the devs can check if this is the same issue. If you haven't yet, can you please submit feedback and diagnostics through the browser? (Shift+Alt+I or "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.)


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