Video Playback | Stutter and Contrast issues

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From Stable to Canary, Edge has started to exhibit a problem with Nvidia GPUs during video playback. I am unsure if this a problem directly related to Nvidia or Chromium\Edge.


For testing I used an RX 580 and an RTX 2080 in both Firefox 82.0.2 and Edge 86.0.622.63 - 88.0.692.0. 


At quick glance, here is a photo showing the difference in Edge (left) and Firefox (right):


As you can see, Edge has significantly darker contrast. No amount of setting changing corrects this. Reinstalling the drivers cleanly does not help either. Interestingly, if you open the start menu, the contrast returns to normal levels. 


During playback, if you scroll the page, the page itself and video stutters until the video leaves the viewport. During the return the lag and stutter return for a brief moment.


Neither of these issues happen with an RX 580 in Edge or Firefox, nor does it happen with a RTX 2080 in Firefox. If I disable GPU accelerated playback, both issues go away.

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@icedterminal Hey, I am exactly with the same issue. Have you find a solution for this? As you sayed, is a bug with all Chromium based browser(tested on Firefox, and its ok)


The partial solution is disable the Hardware Acceleration on the browser or using Firefox. 



@Jotappe It's both an issue with Chromium and Nvidia drivers. I found it on their forums. As of now, using software (CPU) decoding is a work around. Furthermore, Nvidia forums detail it's an issue as a whole for Chromium. This means that Vivaldi, Opera, Edge, Chrome, etc. are all affected. Firefox is entirely unaffected. It's not just YouTube either. Other sites that have video will behave the same. For now, it looks like Nvidia is working to debug this issue with Chromium.