Video Glitch on Amazon Prime Video When Resolution Adjusts

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On Edge Canary 79.0.304.0 and several previous builds, and on Edge Dev, when streaming video on Amazon Prime in full screen mode, the screen flickers to black and then back to the picture as the video buffers and resolution increases. This happens several times until the video achieves HT 1080p.


This does not happen when streaming the same videos with Edge Legacy or Chrome. It happens on all videos tested so far and on multiple PCs.


I will submit a smiley feedback as well.

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I have the same problem, it was solved???



I was still seeing this a few builds ago, but have not had a chance to test on the most recent builds.


Amazon Prime streaming with hardware acceleration was broken for a few builds, but was working again recently.


The DRM flags that allowed me to avoid the issue disappeared a few builds ago. 


If you have not already submitted your experience via the smiley feedback process, please do so. When I check again today or over the weekend, I will submit the issue too if it is still occurring.

@ms4132  I disable both DRM and Prime ask for Silverlight, I Installed and It doesn't work, I disable The PlayReady DRM and left default the Widevine and It works, but then HBOGO stop to work.


When I disable both, I also receive the prompt for Sliverlight. If I disable Windows DRM, the Amazon Prime video will not load. If I have both default of if I disable Widevine DRM, the video plays, but each time it adjusts the resolution the image jumps and then fills the screen. It seems that for a frame or two it shows the old resolution in the window that has been resized to the higher resolution so there is a black boarder to the right and below the video. This is most visible when it finally makes the jump from HD to HD 1080p. There used to be a third DRM (second PlayReady) flag, but this no longer appears. It never seemed to have an effect when enabled or disabled on my system.


I have tested this on two different computers and on the current released Windows and the most recent Fast Track Insider version. I see the same behavior on both systems.

Just yesterday I saw this on my laptop, I'm on Version 79.0.309.51