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I really love the idea of vertical tabs but one thing I noticed though, is that it does not reduce the height of the top part of the browser (the address bar, the menu bar, and title bar). I was really hoping either the menu bar or the title bar will be removed to give more real estate to the webpage being viewed.

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Completely agree,
currently, when we switch to vertical tabs, we just add more UI to our screen, that doesn't give us any real estate back for actual website content.
this should change.

if you haven't already, please file a feedback for this using feedback button on Edge too.
shortcuts: Alt + Shift + i
Hey there! This definitely gets a +1 from me and the feedback submission to match. More feedback definitely helps us determine the priority of these items =)
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your suggestion has been implemented in Edge.

when using vertical tabs, the title bar can now be hidden. more info: