Vertical Tabs look Good!

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managed to get it on Edge Version 86.0.598.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

They are a little premature and basic, still need to evolve a lot.

but for now the tab previews work, tab grouping and colors work and the main button for switching between horizontal/vertical view works.


there is a big gap here which I don't understand why it's there. probably a placeholder for an upcoming feature.




overall I like it and looking forward to a more evolved experience from vertical tabs soon.

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Was it any specific flag you enabled? I don't have it still...

@Rohit Yadav ME too

It's controlled feature rollout. there is also a related flag but it won't force it to be enabled:

Hello @HotCakeX 


It also appears here on my edge devAnotação 2020-08-06 124810.png


Nice the theme also applies to it
This is why I hate controlled rollouts

Hello @hussain5416 

I also don't like controlled launches

They are bad and confusing when they apply to the same channel. instead of this, they can roll out specific features to certain channels such as Dev and Canary, not separate people using the same channel.
Don't have it. Would love to have it, but not happening yet...


Hello @Dennis5mile 


At least I can show you his behavior



Thx for the hint on edge://flags/#edge-swipe-to-shy-ui 

Although I still don't get the vertical tabs due to cfr, swiping in the toolbar on touch devices now finally works! It looks stable and smoothly moves in and out. Great, now we have a real functioning full screen experience on all devices, eventually. 

Totally agree. It's annoying, I never get controlled feature rollouts. Seems you're being on better terms with the developer team than me, haha. I'm jealous ;)

So as I still can't use vertical tabs, could you tell me pls if they're scrollable? I'm lazy and usually keep 40+ tabs open, so this would be a key feature for me, since you can't scroll tabs in the toolbar. Thx
Looks really good. I'll enjoy it if I get it....


Hello @Neon01 


They are scrollable


Oh wow I absolutely LOVE it! Can't wait to get it :raising_hands::raising_hands::raising_hands:

Vertical Tabs look awesome! I got them yesterday...




This is a huge UI refresh from the horizontal tabs we use to have, and it's great. Themes applied from Chrome Web Store also get applied. Only thing is that we cannot get the sidebar when in full screen.

This is the flag: related to vertical tab, but Microsoft has removed in the latest version of Edge canary :)
That's Not the flag. just read the description. it's only about showing recently closed tabs in there, not to actually enable it.
I thought, its the one. So is there any way to get the Vertical Tab? Is company still doing A/B testing?