Vertical Tabs has got a new icon!

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this must be the 3rd time the vertical tabs icon has changed.

the arrow changes when you switch between vertical and horizontal tab strips, which is a very nice little detail they paid attention to, i like it!





the only thing that needs changing now is the new tab page icon


the NTP icon is replaced everywhere (WDAG window, inPrivate mode window) but not on the regular Edge window.


it should look like this (new)




Not this (old)




please send feedback.

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off topic:

how did you activate this pink cursor?



@DeletedSettings -> Ease of Access ->Text cursor -> Use text cursor indicator



hummm... thanks!  not available to me yet, maybe it comes in the next weeks


EDIT: lol.... Windows Settings.... thanks... got it

Any news on this on stable? Feedback sent
typing cursor is in Windows 10 stable,
new vertical tabs icon is not.
Oh cool!