Vertical Tabs gone in build 644

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Hi there, 

So, on my PCs where I run Edge Canary, they run the Release Preview ring builds of Windows 10. I updated the PCs to 20H2, and Edge updated to build 644. Now upon launching the browser, the Vertical Tabs button isn't there anymore. Anyone else who has Vertical Tabs missing?

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@Rohit Yadav 

same here

... and the one or other page not worked. (reported)

(none scroll bars or this error: Fehlercode: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)

Bro this is getting under my skin. I move from Firefox and chrome to edge for the reduced system usage and verticle tab implementation. I recently upgraded to a workstation laptop instead of a business one so I have way more system overhead but what I don't have is screen real estate. In Firefox I have a custom ui so the entire browser sits in the title bar til you pull up a verticle tab menu. I'm about to go back bro this is ridiculous. Why haven't they at least communicated what broke the implementation?

@Merc410 Try Canary channel, Version 89.0.766.0 (Official build) canary, vertical tab is available.