Vertical Tabs! Enable control of pin/collapse pane (please!)

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Edge's native implementation of vertical tabs when combined with tab groups make it an ideal browser for organized productivity and that's why I continue to use it as my daily driver on all desktop platforms.


There is just one major pain point I find with using the vertical tab features: toggling its visibility. Of course, using vertical tabs makes more efficient use of screen real-estate (for landscape-oriented displays), but that does mean less screen space for actual webpage content, a reality which becomes obvious with 2+ vertical-tab-enabled browser windows open side-by-side. Thankfully, Edge includes convenient UI buttons to "Collapse" and "Pin" the vertical tab pane's visibility, but this is currently the only way to toggle this behavior, diminishing productivity of keyboard-centric use.

Recently, the Edge team added the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+,(comma) — which switches the UI between vertical and classic tabs at the top. This is great, but it negates the value of having a collapsible vertical tab pane which would still show webpage favicons in the same visual paradigm of a vertical list and feels like a much more natural UI toggle. Some other users in the Edge Insider community have pointed out that such a side-panel collapse/expand key shortcut exists in many other popular programs as well.

I've been trying to find some way of automating the collapse/pin behavior of the vertical tab pane, but it doesn't seem feasible without a proper menu option. Please consider adding a key shortcut specifically for this behavior, or instead include an option in the alt-menu dropdown that can be triggered via something like Power Automate.


Thanks again to Edge team for all their work :happyface:

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I feel exactly the same way! Also, is it just me or did Microsoft remove the Ctrl+Shift+comma shortcut altogether? I want to use it but seems like it's gone??