Vertical tabs: browser design suggestion

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I don't even know if I would like to see this design that I made myself, lol
The area to drag the window would be in the center part of the top bar, in the part where the title of the site appears.
And a more modern scroll bar too, on the right.
Feel free to curse me, lol ... just kidding ...

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I like the idea of close/min/max buttons coming down next to Edge's (...) menu
the only thing left up there will be site title which can be put somewhere else or over the address bar (with hover effect)

Hello @Deleted 


Firefox contains zones that allow you to move the window
These zones could be added at the edge





Good idea!



This Firefox solution looks very good. It could be implemented on Edge as well.


Hi @HotCakeX , What do you think?

The website tab appears on the right, inside the omnibox itself. The size of the tab could always be the same, or it could be self-scaling according to the size of the text.


And in the next picture the hover effect, when the user hovers over the site title. This area would be where the user moves the window. The color could be any other, or any other type of effect that highlighted the tab. I used blue to match the blue star "favorite site":



And with that we would have only two bars at the top and not three. That way, in my humble opinion, the browser would have a cleaner look. But this is debatable.

now that i see it, it won't look good really
now i see why Edge team is delaying vertical tabs in full screen mode, it's not easy to come up with a good design
This look is awesome. I don't know but it somehow reminds me of Google Chrome.