Version 92.0.902.55 Freezing on PRINT

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We experience the latest release freezing under ANY print jobs.

Tested with Cannary version and works just fine but both Beta and official release with version 92.0.902.55 are freezing totally when trying to Print or preview a PDF document.


Anyone haveing same issues ?

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Yep.  Same here. Latest version v92.0.902.55 freezes when printing.

Older version have no issue.  @GeorgeSas 

Same ... even only opening PDFs

I notice it related to the company network security policy that cause the freezing.

On the same PC, if I connect it outside the company network, Microsoft Edge printing doesn't freeze.  Once I plug the same PC back tot he network, it freezes when printing.


same here. Freezing while opening PDF on 92.0.902.55

This happens while trying to print from reporting services. Looks like reporting services is generating PDF for printing reports. This works OK for users with admin rights, but crashes for casual users.

Issue seems to be solved in the new version: 92.0.902.62

Yep.  v92.0.902.62 fixed the freezing issue.  @Hen Savelkoul