Verify Digital Signature in inbuilt PDF viewer

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Presently an yellow colour question mark is shown on digital signatures in edge canary inbuilt pdf viewer. is it possible to verify these signatures??

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I can definitely see how that would be a problem.  I can relay your concerns to the product team.



@v-gapart We have observed this issue as well. We work with a lot of PDFs the use Digital Signature and for the moment we have to use IEMode are download and open PDF files with Adobe Reader.


Is this addresses to the PG?

@stesch79 There has been a lot of improvements in Edge to make it compatible with Digital Signatures. Thank you so much.


In my case, pdfs are digitally signed using the digital tokens issued my organisation. I tried verifying the signatures in Edge but still I'm getting the yellow question mark. Please let me how to import the digital certificate and verify the signature.