Various suggestions.

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Add custom block lists to the crawl prevention feature. I also suggest that custom preferences for browser extensions be synced. I would also like there to be an option in the browser translator to translate only the selected text, that is, the text is selected and when the text is selected a translator icon appears offering the possibility to translate only the selected text instead of all the page, this is done by many extensions but it would be nice if it is something native to the browser. 

The custom settings of the browser flags are not saved either, this would also like it to sync.
The browser's site preferences are also not synchronized.


And it would also be good to remove the support for Adobe Flash from the browser as it is somewhat obsolete.
And the latter would be an excellent innovation, I think. That the browser does not use the HTTPS / SSL certificates of the operating system, that it uses the HTTPS / SSL certificates that are in the cloud on a Microsoft server. You could also put the entire storage of the browser in the cloud. This would be innovation in security since all the data of the browser would be in the cloud and not in the operating system, thus avoiding infections. It would no longer be necessary to use litter boxes for the browser. This initiative could even be extended to Windows, for example, that the operating system is on the cloud and not on a local physical disk of the computers. I don't know if it will be easy to implement or if you think it may be difficult to implement, but I think Microsoft has the necessary talent in your people to carry out any innovation.

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